Summit Charter School Announced

Summit Charter School Announced

Summit School of the Poconos announces Summit Charter School

In an effort to increase accessibility for parents and students to the Summit School educational program, and thereby provide a greater impact on the community at large, the founders and board members of Summit School of the Poconos have decided to pursue Charter School Status, thereby creating Summit Charter School. A charter application has been filed with the Pocono Mountain School District.

Visit the Summit Charter School website by clicking here.

Summit School prides itself on transparency. Charter School applications are public documents once filed. You can view the Summit Charter School application submitted to the Pocono Mountain School District in November 2020 by clicking on the links below:

Summit Charter School Application (Overview/Narrative)

Appendix A: SCS Educational Program
Appendix B: Special Education Policies
Appendix C: Projected Enrollment Chart
Appendix D: School Calendar
Appendix E: Staff Evaluation Form
Appendix F: Pre Enrollment Data*
Appendix G: Letters of Support
Appendix H: Founding Coalition*
Appendix I: Board of Trustees Resumes
Appendix J: SCS, SSEF & SSP Articles of Incorporation, EIN 501c3
Appendix K: Summit Charter School Bylaws
Appendix L: SCS 5-year Budget
Appendix M: Purchases Subject to Bid Policy
Appendix N: Projected Facilities Growth
Appendix O: Facility Letters of Support (Financing)
Appendix P: Lottery and Enrollment Policy
Appendix Q: Employee Handbook
Appendix R: Student and Families Handbook
Appendix S: Facility Agreement of Sale and Addendum
Appendix T: Summit School Education Foundation Bylaws
Appendix U: FAQ Regarding Charter Schools as Found on the PMSD Website
Appendix V: Affidavits Regarding Retaliatory Behavior by PMSD representatives
Appendix W: SCS Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law (Nov. 2019)
Appendix X: Founder Testimonial – SCS History and Need
Appendix Y: PMSD Application Process & Hurdle Criteria (Nov. 2019)
Appendix Z: Summit Charter School Revised (July 2020)

*Appendix F. Pre Enrollment Data and Appendix H. Founding Coalition are not included here as PDF documents because they contain personal information of founding coalition members and pre-enrolled parents/students such as names, grade levels and birthdates of students, phone numbers and addresses, etc. While this information may technically be considered public record, Summit School did not feel it appropriate to share this personal information on its website.

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