Summit School creates Honest, Empathetic, Responsible, Open-minded, Encouraging, Scholars (HEROES) who become civically-engaged leaders in the 21st century.

By breaking the mold of traditional learning and fostering the values of the HEROES philosophy, we shape our students into civically-engaged leaders and innovators who demonstrate higher levels of thinking. Our cross-disciplinary, project-based learning approach integrates English-language arts, science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. This educational approach offers a strong foundation for building skills that are essential to success in our modern world.

We offer an innovative educational experience that prepares our children for success in our modern world.

At Summit School, we educate our students in a way that suits their individual needs:

  • We apply our curriculum to real world experiences instead of “teaching to the test.”
  • We allow flexibility in time and scheduling, understanding that a strong deference to the clock can inhibit innovation.
  • We teach through integration and collaboration of disciplines– avoiding the traditional approach to education which often divides academic subjects into “silos.”

Preparing children for the future starts by recognizing their individuality.

At Summit School, every child is respected – and taught – as an individual.

  • Students learn at their own pace and enjoy individualized instruction.
  • Students are encouraged to be themselves while learning to be a contributor to a larger community.
  • Learning is interactive, fluid, and our teachers encourage critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Our teachers love what they do and their passion is contagious.

  • You see it in the once-disengaged child who is now invested, aware, and involved in learning.
  • You see it in a child who never liked to read but now dives into one book after another.
  • You see it in the child who eagerly embraces every assignment and no longer requires coaxing to work on school projects.

Lesson learned

For education to be effective today, it must engage, empower, and excite.

What parents are saying

There is no other school like Summit School. The pure excitement that my child gets from going to school and learning through play and projects is absolutely priceless!

Kristie, Parent

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