How They Learn

Learning at their own pace helps kids reach their true potential.

How They Learn

When little and big kids learn together, everyone moves to the head of the class.

At Summit School, age-mixing plays an important role in building confidence, helping to eliminate rivalry, and breaking barriers:

  • Younger students look up to older ones as role models.
  • Older students become mentors and assume responsibility for being leaders.
  • Classmates who support one another learn together and from one another, forming a strong community.

With students grouped according to ability rather than grade level or age – and never labelled according to aptitude – a meaningful competency-based education can effectively be provided.

Age-mixing also leads to less age and gender segregation. Our students learn early on that others don’t have to be just like them a which is a great life-lesson for the diverse world we live in.

Everyone is encouraged to move in class, too.

Summit School encourages movement during the school day for all ages of students. We don’t believe that students who are glued to their seats will excel at their studies. We do believe there’s a positive correlation between movement and learning.

We offer classes and electives in physical fitness and outdoor/indoor recess periods at every grade level. During class time, students may choose from flexible seating in class (bean bags, stools, lounge chairs) or can even stand when appropriate. We let students learn in the physical manner that’s most comfortable to them, as this allows them to better focus on the lesson being taught.


Class means more than just…well…class.

Let’s take a break – Students have at least one recess break a day. Students can choose meditation over movement if this helps them clear space in their mind. Teachers are aware of students’ individual needs and work with them to make sure they get the time they need to “let off steam” or just take a break, even if it’s not during a scheduled recess break time.

Let’s make it fun – Genius hour, art, music, health and physical educations classes are held once a week. Club related activities like yoga, ski club, leadership club, athletics club, etc. are also held weekly with participation driven by student choice.

Let’s clean up – Students are expected to clean up after themselves on a rotating basis. This includes chores like sweeping and dusting. Older students may participate in a Class Employment System (CES) that offers experiences much like the “real world.”

Lesson learned

There are as many ways to learn as there are children.

What parents are saying

There is no other school like Summit School. The pure excitement that my son gets from going to school and learning through play and projects is absolutely priceless!

Kristie, Parent

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