Their Voice Counts

Training tomorrow’s leaders starts by letting them have their say now.

Their Voice Counts

From the start, every Summit School student is taught that as part of our school community, everyone needs to work together, show respect to their teachers and classmates, and be accountable for their actions.

Our civics program brings democracy to life.

At our weekly School Meeting, facilitated by elected student council members, different issues are brought forward by any member of the school – student, staff, or board member– and everyone is entitled to one vote on the matter. Through this democratic process, students begin to understand the importance of self-regulation and compromise. This process also provides an immersive learning experience on how democracy works, which will serve them well towards becoming responsible citizens.

Rules are rules – and our student body respects them.

Not only are rules followed, but our students actually help make them. This provides them ownership in managing their school community and allows them to more fully understand the reason behind them. Our democracy-rich environment is also at the heart of the character traits our student body is expected to model. We take pride in our school HEROES (HONEST, EMPATHETIC, RESPONSIBLE, OPEN-MINDED, ENCOURAGING, SCHOLARS) who reflect the admirable, achievable and aspirational values we live by every day.

In today’s world, democracy is something we cherish, but also must be defended. It is our hope that the spirit we instill in our Summit School students goes a long way towards upholding all that we value in our country. The solid education and democratic foundation students take way from their time at Summit School will help them successfully navigate the 21st century.

Lesson learned

Give them a voice today and they’ll use their voice tomorrow.

What parents are saying

Summit School of the Poconos (SSP) is unlike any other schools we've encountered - it provides students with a platform to grow and express their opinions, all while working to accommodate their individuality. Unlike what we grew up with, at SSP children are seen AND heard. The skills learned here will take our children far beyond the classroom and prepare them for a successful life. Our 9 and 5 year-old kids have called SSP: "FUNtastic," "extraordinary," "amazing," "exciting," and are proud to "have a voice."

Kerry, Parent

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