What We Teach

What We Teach

Learning that’s creative, collaborative & exciting

What We Teach

With civic engagement as a cornerstone of our educational model along with the standards set forward by the Pennsylvania Department of Education,  we offer a holistic approach to delivering our curriculum. Our cross-disciplinary curriculum is practiced through project-based work that addresses real world experiences and problems.   We foster civic responsibility, social and emotional skills, and academic excellence in science, technology, engineering, art, math and the English-language arts. Our HEROES exemplify these leadership characteristics.

Early childhood students work with sensorial educational materials that allow them to touch, hear, see, and smell – all of which spark their natural curiosity and willingness to learn.

Lower grade level students are encouraged to find answers and problem-solve in response to questions. Mistakes and incorrect answers are are an important part of the learning process and serve as an impetus to continue learning and future success. The projects are often teacher-led and every student’s creativity and perspective is utilized during the process.

High school-aged students are taught to understand the relationship between their project-based work and the academic standards. Older students are also exposed to various careers and employment opportunities beyond high school. At this level, students get to work closely with teachers and field experts who mentor them on project work.

Children at every grade level are encouraged to choose projects that allow them to explore their own interests. This freedom allows them to to develop their personal interests and at an early age and they continue developing this as they grow.


How they learn now will prepare them for the “real” world.

Project-based learning allows Summit School students to combine or involve two or more academic studies which more realistically represents the way the world works rather than learning disciplines in “silos.”  Students also learn vital skill-sets needed to compete in the job market and will have the ability to: effectively communicate, demonstrate innovation, express creativity, and collaborate with others.

With awareness of  21st century workforce expectations, Summit School presents learning as a smaller version of the “real” world so students understand how to meet life’s demands by learning how to set, plan, and achieve goals.

What our teachers learned about teaching growing minds

As experienced educators, our teachers have seen what works and what doesn’t in the classroom. Our school’s guiding principles support the way students learn best:

  • Learning is a process, and should be valued as much as the results.
  • Learning is not only measured by knowledge, but by the capability to apply it.
  • A competency-based education is more meaningful than a time-based education.
  • Inspiring students results in a love of learning that continues beyond the classroom.

Lesson learned

Tomorrow’s leaders must be taught a curriculum unlike yesterday’s.

What parents are saying

Summit School of the Poconos is a great school and an excellent learning environment for students. Every day the students have hands-on projects that are designed for the kids to be creative, problem solve and basically figure things out. With projects, children learn to work with their peers, share ideas, help each other and learn from each other. And all the core classes are also included in their curriculum.

Charles, Parent

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