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Stacie Carolyn Golin, PhD

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Stacie Carolyn Golin, PhD

Vice President

About Stacie

Dr. Stacie Carolyn Golin is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sussex County Community College (SCCC). Before joining the faculty at SCCC, Dr. Golin, served as a Study Director for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, focusing on welfare policy, economic development, and early care and education. In 2004, she co-authored The Price of School Readiness: A Tool for Estimating the Cost of Universal Preschool in the States, which was used as a financing model in Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. Dr. Golin earned her Doctorate in Sociology at Temple University, where she studied issues pertaining to gender and work, childcare, and social policy. As part of her graduate studies, Dr. Golin served on a team that evaluated a neighborhood-based childcare demonstration project in Philadelphia and co-authored the Philadelphia Child Care Market Study.

Dr. Golin and her husband are passionate about teaching their children the value of responsible citizenship, creativity, and critical thought. This passion has brought her to Summit School of the Poconos as a founding member. She brings her knowledge of education policy and non-profit work as well as economic and community development to the Board of Directors.

In her free time, Dr. Golin loves to read and enjoy the outdoors. She lives with her husband and two children in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania.

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