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Summit School of the Poconos is no longer operational, as of July 2022. All Summit team efforts are currently focused on building Summit Charter School. This site remains active to provide information about the educational model upon which the Summit Charter School is based.

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Signature Petition Information

Summit Charter School Signature Petition Information

Summit School is asking for the community’s help in “spreading the word” about our attempts to bring more tuition-free school choice to our area and the challenges we face regarding appealing the decision of the Pocono Mountain School District’s (PMSD) denial of our charter school application. As we all know, school choice largely affects the quality of life for families and employers in any region or area, and that is true for us in Monroe County.

Information is powerful and there are still a lot of people in Monroe County who are not familiar with Summit School or how this could affect them directly and indirectly.

There a number of ways in which you can help:

Signature Petition:

  • We have an immediate need to collect 1800 signatures of PMSD residents in favor of an appeal to the state, and COVID has made that process particularly challenging since this is normally done through large social gatherings.
  • If you are willing to help us collect signatures, we can get you the information you need to do so.
  • If you, your friends, or family members live in the PMSD and are personally willing to sign our petition, we are happy to meet you at a time and place convenient for you to do so.
  • Click here to find out where you can sign the petition.

Community Awareness:

  • Spreading the word through your business network and connections so that others in the community are aware and can make informed decisions.
  • Something as simple as consistently liking and sharing our posts on Facebook can have a huge impact.


  • We are always looking for donations of time, money, and expertise in order to accomplish our goals. If you have any resources or ideas that may help us reach our goals, we are always appreciative of that support from our community.
  • Other fundraising opportunities that could present a way for Summit School to partner with local businesses.

This document, titled, “Summit Charter School: The Big Questions” provides detailed information about our plans and current challenges. This can also be shared with people you feel may be interested either inside or outside of your business or workplace or posted in various places throughout the community to generate more awareness. 

We thank you sincerely for your time and consideration as we attempt to best educate our community about relevant issues that directly affect them and our children.

The Summit School Board, Staff, Students, and Families

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