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Summit School of the Poconos is no longer operational, as of July 2022. All Summit team efforts are currently focused on building Summit Charter School. This site remains active to provide information about the educational model upon which the Summit Charter School is based.

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Examples of District Managed Schools

It is important to note that fraudulent and illegal activity can happen anywhere, regardless of whether or not a school is a charter school. Below are just a few examples, quickly found through a Google search, of scandals, mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, etc. at public district-managed schools.

US Dept of Education – Stop the Crooks
Office of Inspector General Investigation Services
Formed to identify and stop public school Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in U.S. Department of Education Programs
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Oakland Unified (CA) Schools chided for ‘highly unusual’ and ‘suspicious’ fiscal practices June 13, 2018
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New York – Roslyn School District (a wealthy district)
Former Roslyn Superintendent Charged With $1 Million Theft
July 7, 2004
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Texas, Fort Worth School District, four-year FBI investigation into corruption and other wrongdoing in the Fort Worth school district’s construction program ($2M overpayment)
May 28, 2015
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Lancaster PA -Superintendent Ricardo Curry subject of federal, state, and local investigations into illegal hiring practices.
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Harrisburg PA, Harrisburg School District
Former IT director charged in alleged kickback scheme
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Detroit, Michigan 2009
5 Detroit Public Schools employees charged with embezzlement
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East Detroit 2016
Feds: 12 Detroit principals stole $1M in kickback scheme
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