Trevor Pawlik

Secondary Science and Secondary Math Teacher

About Trevor

Trevor Pawlik holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Science Education from Penn State University with a concentration in chemistry. Before joining Summit School, Trevor taught engineering, chemistry, labs, and tutored students in grades 8-10. He also teaches secondary math to students with a private math certification.

Trevor brings contagious excitement for his chosen field to Summit School and the students here. “My goal is to hook the students interest with an object, concept, or demonstration, and then ‘science it up.’ Learning should be educational but also fun. Ensuring that students feel safe and open to learn in my class is paramount,” says Trevor. 

Trevor has experience building projects such as engines built from only wood, Tesla coils, robotics, and more. He’s handy with a love toward exploring how and why things work, and he believes that teachers need to welcome change and a willingness to adjust methodologies to best fit student needs.

His volunteer efforts include the Penn State Chemistry Club and Educators for Tomorrow Club, Local Fire Companies, You-aut-2-act (a summer acting camp for special needs individuals), and the Science Olympiad for North Pocono Middle/High School.

He has won awards for Outstanding Teacher, Best Club on Campus, First Place in Regional Science Olympiad High School, as well as Sixth Place in Middle School.

Trevor lives in Covington Township.


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