Stephen Hausman

Middle Grades Teacher, Secondary Math Teacher

About Stephen

Stephen (Steve) Hausman is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, a Major in Middle Grades Education. He has experience teaching all subjects to students at Charter Schools located in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley Areas.

Steve loves to write and has an especially strong background in teaching math and science. “I’m excited about teaching at Summit, as I believe it’s a unique opportunity for both students and teachers. Project-based learning, especially in the STEAM format, is extremely valuable and allows students to be creative and develop their own discovery of topics at a deeper level. It’s extremely fun for teachers too, as no two days look exactly alike (unlike a traditional classroom setting). The world we live in today has changed and adapted to be very integrated with math, science, creativity, reading, writing, and (increasingly) technology. Summit will provide the foundational skills to prepare its students for this newly adaptive world,” he says.

In addition to playing various sports, Steve has also coached youth sports, is a huge sports fan in general, and was even invited to play for the Pennsylvania JR Olympic Volleyball team.

Recently, Steve has identified yet another passion – riding and caring for horses. He and his girlfriend currently care for five horses (three mini and two full-size). A native of the Lehigh Valley, Steve now lives in the Tannersville area with his girlfriend, their dog, and the horses they tend to.

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