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Lynn Warmke

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Lynn Warmke

Secondary Science Teacher

About Lynn

Lynn Warmke grew up in upstate New York on a dairy farm and attended Cornell University with the intention of being a veterinarian. While working on her Animal Science degree, she worked at a Vet School in a Parasitology lab where she gained a fascination with parasites and expertise working with fleas. After graduation, Lynn moved to NJ to work for Merck & Co in their Animal Health Department. She worked in the labs for the next ten years, during which time she completed a Master’s Degree from Rutgers in Cell and Developmental Biology. Lynn’s next professional move was in the human health area, where she worked in data management supporting clinical trials for oncology. And finally, she found her calling to teach.

Lynn has experience teaching in a broad range of educational settings including alternative schools, traditional schools, Vocational and Technical schools, and a school for behaviorally and emotionally challenged students. During her tenure, she went on to receive a Special Education Certificate from Kean University.

“As a scientist, and after years of working with students who have not been successful in traditional school settings, I thought the SSP model of project-based learning, flexible groupings, and supporting student interests was intriguing. In fact, in my last school, I was frequently vocal about the need to focus on students instead of curriculum and the need for students to go out of the school to see science in action as much as possible,” Lynn says. “While I certainly value scientific rigor, and embrace the flexible model of the Next Generation Science Standards, my teaching philosophy centers on students liking (or hopefully loving) science, seeing science in all things around us, and becoming citizens who can make decisions about scientific issues while enjoying the process of discovery. I pride myself on working hard to connect science to what students already know and enjoy, being flexible on how students demonstrate mastery, and connecting students to the world outside of school walls. I’m thrilled to still be teaching science and to be doing it at SSP!”

In her free time, Lynn enjoys reading, kickboxing, dance, and hosting gatherings for friends. She’s passionate about her work coordinating a Buddy Ball Basketball program for special needs kids and being an active mom, teacher, and role model to her own children as well as the students she teaches.

Lynn and her husband, Jeff, a PhD scientist, have three adult sons between them. They owned a vacation home in the Poconos for years, and after their youngest started college at Virginia Tech, they decided to move to Pennsylvania, where they now reside. Their final family member is Diego, an orange cat who makes his voice heard whenever Lynn is teaching virtually.

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