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Summit School of the Poconos is no longer operational, as of July 2022. All Summit team efforts are currently focused on building Summit Charter School. This site remains active to provide information about the educational model upon which the Summit Charter School is based.

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Kim Kryman

Elementary Teacher

About Kim

Kim Kryman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Lock Haven University and a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Gratz College. An educator that has worked in both public and traditional classroom settings, Kim has taught Pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade. She has also found employment as a private tutor for kindergarten through fifth grade students, where close attention to individual student needs and learning styles and collaboration with parents and teachers on student progress and IEPs (Individualized Education Program) was paramount. After serving as Director of the Ark II preschool program for four years, Kim decided she wanted to return to her truest passion—working directly with kids in the classroom—and she has been a part of the SSP team since it’s first day of operation in 2016.

Kim is very passionate about early childhood education and believes primary teachers have the unique opportunity to be the first teachers to set a child on the path to lifelong learning where the sky’s the limit. “It is rewarding to see the aha moment in the children’s eyes day after day as they make connections about their world and begin to see themselves as learners,” Kim says. An advocate of project-based learning, she adds, “I am thrilled to teach in an environment that supports children’s natural curiosity where the questions they ponder can be investigated and answered through authentic experiences.”

Kim grew up in central New Jersey and has lived in the Poconos since 2006 with her husband and three children. Her spare time is spent making memories with family and friends.

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