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Desiree McGuire

About Desiree

Desiree McGuire holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration from Northampton Community College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management from Franklin University. She is also currently pursuing a Master of Science in Information Design & Strategy with a specialization in Data Science and Analytics from Northwestern University School of Professional Studies.

Desiree began her career in Business Intelligence and data analytics in 2008. She is currently the Senior Data Visualization Technologist for PPL Electric Utilities.

Desiree is also a member of PPL’s Women’s Network’s STEM Outreach and Development Committee. The committee has participated in outreach events for Girl Scouts, the Da Vinci Science Center, and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).

A lifelong member of Monroe County, Desiree believes every family should be able to choose the education environment that is best for their child, and she has become an advocate for the improvement and expansion of school choice as a result.

“I’m drawn to SSP because of the holistic view of education here and the civic, social and emotional, and STEAM focused curriculum. As a woman with a career in STEM, it is important to me that this education model be available to everyone in a fun and interactive way, but especially to girls. One quarter of computer scientists in the US are women, and schools like SSP are helping to close that gap,” says Desiree.

In her free time, Desiree enjoys reading (although mostly audiobooks and podcasts these days), knitting, cooking/baking (trying new recipes, and especially the art of cooking and science in baking), paddle boarding, and traveling with her family.

Desiree and her husband, Michael, live in the West End of Monroe County with their two children, Peyton and Liam.

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