Craig Graham

Music Teacher

About Craig

Craig Graham attended Berklee College of Music’s Professional Music Program where he studied with private teachers and attended workshops with great musicians including Dave Creamer, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker and many more. He’s been teaching music since 1986.

Craig’s early music influence came from his family. He grew up with Mom’s jazz, R&B and soul records, and his brother’s Rock & Roll albums. Craig started playing guitar at the age of nine. In high school, Craig started performing live with his first rock & roll band.

When not teaching at Summit School, you can find him teaching at the Wharton Music Center in New Jersey or playing intimate solo gigs with orchestras and bands in all types of venues. He has toured in Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, and the United States.

“I enjoy teaching at Summit School because of the delightful staff, teachers, and students. The open communication and community here is great,” he says. 

While most of Craig’s interests are attached to music, he’s also passionate about finding solutions to improve our environment. From electric cars to recycling, he can easily  have a conversation for hours on the subject. 

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