Beth Sockman

About Beth

Dr. Beth Rajan Sockman holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Elementary Education from The University of Pennsylvania and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Instructional Systems from the Pennsylvania State University.

Her teaching career began in the Stroudsburg Area School District (SASD) in 1991 with a fourth grade classroom. She spent ten years teaching middle school as a tenured teacher for SASD and is currently a Professor at East Stroudsburg University (ESU), where she has been employed since 2006. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate students and is the Co-Chair of the Department of Professional and Secondary Education. Beth has also served in educational not for profit positions and was the director of two international summer villages (peace camps)—one in Pennsylvania, the other in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1998 and 1999.

Beth started studying non-traditional educational models as an undergraduate student at The University of Pennsylvania. She has led several research projects and participated as a member of multiple research committees. She has published more than a dozen papers on education-related topics and has written proposals for federal grants, one that resulted in a partnership between ESU and a local public school. The purpose of those funds was to raise academic achievement for at-risk youth. Beth went on to oversee the implementation and sustainability of that project. She has also written multiple curriculum development and assessment plans.

During her career, Beth has been honored with nearly a dozen awards, a few of which are: ESyoU Campaign for student centered teaching (May 2014); Ralph Vitello Recognition Award for Disability Services, The Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society (Spring 2012); The Remarkable Performance Award, College of Education (Fall 2009), and outstanding Article Award (2016).

Beth aims for alignment between belief and action, especially in the way we believe people learn and the path designated to guide instruction for changing societal needs. This desire drives idea implementation informed by systematic thinking to influence positive, sustainable change. Beth collaborates with others in research and production on educational systematic change, creative-learning technologies, in-depth learning, service learning, and peace through global literacy. She is currently a member of the National Association of Educational Communities & Technology, Division of Systems Thinking and Change, in addition to seven other national and international professional organizations.

Beth brings to the Board of Directors a vast knowledge in the areas of various educational models and how children learn within them, along with an expertise in curriculum. She is a founding member of Summit School of the Poconos, and is the Chair of the Board’s Education Committee.

Beth lives in the greater Pocono area with her husband, John, and their son, Jaz.

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