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We are delighted you are considering Summit School of the Poconos for your child’s education. Our community is committed to preparing students to thrive as 21st century citizens. To that end, we have developed an educational experience that is a microcosm of our real world. Imagine children spending their days at a school without rows of desks, collaborating on interesting projects in mixed-aged groups, spending time learning outside, and naturally developing social and emotional skills.

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As a parent, you are considering a nontraditional education for your child at SSP. What about our model appeals to you and why do you feel your child will thrive in our environment? *


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Is your child receiving or in need of any type of services or do you suspect they need services? Services could include IEPs, special education, speech therapy, counseling, and others. We have found that students who may struggle in traditional educational environments can be successful at SSP as long as they have the support needed.

However, please note that private schools are not required, nor funded to provide special education services, as they often don’t have the resources or funding to support special education. Some special education needs will require support and resources above and beyond what SSP is able to provide and could result in the School's inability to provide an offer of enrollment to a student. Summit School is NOT a Special Education School.

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