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How to apply

The application

  • Click the “Apply now” button at the top of page to register.

School Tours

  • Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to schedule a tour for you and your child.
    • Parents will meet with administrators and will have time to ask questions and answers.
    • Students will spend time in classrooms so they can experience the Summit School difference.
  • Applications must be received before visits are scheduled.
  • Visits are scheduled in 90-minute blocks of time and are by appointment only.

*In order to best mitigate COVID-19, virtual meetings are currently being scheduled. Parents can ask to visit the school on an individual basis.

Your child’s academic assessment

If time and temperament allow, teachers will have your child participate in a short academic assessment during your visit in order to place your child at his/her academic level by subject. High academic scores are not a prerequisite to admission. Follow-up appointments for assessments not completed during a tour will be scheduled directly with a teacher.


  • We are happy to extend enrollment offers to any child who best suits our school culture, i.e. one that we feel exhibits strong potential to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Once we have determined a child meets that criteria – and if space allows – you will receive instructions on how to finalize enrollment, as well as tuition and schedule information.
  • If for any reason we are unable to accommodate your child, a staff member will contact you to discuss this in more detail.

A Note About Special Education

We have found that students who may struggle in traditional educational environments can be successful at SSP as long as they have the support needed.

However, please note that private schools are not required, nor funded to provide special education services, as they often don’t have the resources or funding to support special education. Some special education needs will require support and resources above and beyond what SSP is able to provide and could result in the School's inability to provide an offer of enrollment to a student. Summit School is NOT a Special Education School.

If you are submitting an application, please elaborate on your child's needs so we can begin to work together from the start, ensuring every child's success.

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